About me

Photograph by ChuqiaoLiu @chuqiao_liuuu for her
ongoing photography series ‘Storm and Stress’, 2022
   Raised in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and now living in Glasgow, I identify strongly as a Northern-English, Scottish-educated designer. With a undergraduate degree in Art History, I find great value in looking to the art and design of the past to inform and inspire my work of today.  
    I enjoy working with a number of different media, including oil and watercolour painting, photography, illustration, and graphic design; oftentimes mixing multiple disciplines within a project.
   I am passionate about rich colour, playful design, and creating work that carries a message. 

    I graduated from Glasgow School of Art in July 2022 where I completed the two-year MDes Communication Design course, specialising in Graphic Design and passing with merit. While there I had incredible opportunites such as learning further craft skills alongside the digital, including traditional lettersetting and pressing and hand-bookbinding, which I utilised in my final project, ‘In Good Faith’.
  In my undergraduate study I attended the University of Cambridge where I studied History of Art; I achieved a 2.1 with a first in my final dissertation.
    Prior to my Masters degree, I began my career in graphic design as entirely self-taught, building up my skills and knowledge through working as publicity designer on many productions in the famous Cambridge student theatre scene. Adaptable and quick to learn, I relish opportuites to further advance and enrich my practice.
  Personal Interests
  Outside of my work, I pursue further creative endeavous such as painting, photography, and collage. I enjoy visiting cultural and historic institutions such as museums, galleries, and the theatre.
I have sang in church choirs since childhood, and singing is one of my most valued hobbies. Otherwise I enjoy reading, films, cooking and baking, and when possible, travelling.
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